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Our portfolio consists of both external ideas brought to us by visionary founders that convinced us to sit at their table, and ideas incubated from our core team and/or community partners. 

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Beyond birds, Birdsy is capturing wildlife like never seen before - and without users ever missing a precious moment. Their AI technology parses through users' 24/7 IP camera feeds, or even live footage from connected smartphones, to show you highlights of the animals around you. Birdsy redefines media, promoting the movement of slow TV and reconnecting humans with their natural habitat and all creatures within it. Check out Birdsy livestreams now!

Status: Seed


Deckly AI

Deal flow is time consuming. We know it, your investors live it. Deckly is cutting the time it takes to make the right decisions in investing in a company, making wins for both investors and startups in the trenches of fundraising. Let's keep the checks and deals flowing faster together. 

Status: Pre-Seed


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SoMu is changing the way we listen to music by taking down barriers in sharing your favorite artists from different platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc), while streaming live, and ensuring the artists you love are getting the numbers of plays they deserve. SoMu offers a solution for DMCA violations for streamers, and enables listening together across music platforms for everyone. 

Status: Pre-Seed


Is your idea next?

Do you have an existing startup in need of co-founders, or maybe you have a fresh idea? 

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